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As YUVA, together with our Volunteer Heroes, we deliver YUVA Theater to our children all over Anatolia, who have not been able to experience theater throughout their lives.


Come and support children through giving them Theater



We were all children once, and like every child, “Games” were indispensable in our lives. We grew and developed with games, we got to know ourselves and the outside world. Sometimes we became mothers, sometimes police in our games. Whatever heroes we are in our dreams, we dressed as them in our games. Sometimes we reflected our inner world, which we could not describe with words, to our games.


Play is the most important factor in the socialization of a child and in raising physically and mentally healthy individuals.


As Muhsin Ertuğrul said;

“We believe that the true culture of humanity begins at the border of art. You cannot distinguish man from animal unless there is soul development. True civilization arises from literature and art. History cannot show a rising nation without theatre.”

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