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As YUVA, together with our Volunteer Heroes, we reach our children all over Anatolia with YUVA SPOR, "I'm 1-0 Ahead in My Match with Life!" We support our children's physical health, that is, their happiness in life, through education.


Come and support children through sports!



The biggest excitement of a mother-to-be is to feel the tiny movements of her baby inside. Maybe those tiny movements are the first real proof that the baby realizes they have a mother.


Here is proof of the desire of human beings to act and move before they even meet the world. By moving in infancy and childhood, they contact and communicate with the world, that is, they begin to know the world.


In a nutshell, the human body is designed to move. Movement ensures the healthy growth and development of body organs, and keeps the body healthy and fit. Physical health brings happiness and enables us to connect to life with enthusiasm.


While our children learn to share, work in groups, be organized, cooperate and control their ambitions in team sports, our children develop their self-confidence, taking responsibility and decision-making skills in individual sports.


As Peyami Safa said;

“The meaning we will give to sports is the true brother of the meaning we will give to youth.”


Life is never one-sided; For this reason, expecting only academic success from our children is denying them something important. It is obvious that our children who are interested in a sport that they are happy with will be more determined and successful. Our children, who experience different emotions and excitements such as losing and winning by competing as a team, learn to be happy under all circumstances in life.

As Atatürk said;

“The determination of a nation in sports raises its future."

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