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As YUVA, we listen to the voice of our children, the most beautiful voice in the world, together with our Volunteer Heroes. We add rainbow colors to our children's lives, both by giving music education to our talented and interested children and through the concerts we organize.


Come and support children, let their unique voice touch our hearts,



When it comes to music, the first thing that comes to mind is enjoyment, and cheering up. But for asome, music is a lifestyle, a product of culture that includes much deeper, comprehensive and meaningful expressions.


We first discover our own culture and traditions with the music and dances we learned in our childhood. Our national feelings develop, and we take the most important step towards socializing through the dances and music we sing in harmony with our friends.


Thanks to music, we gain the habit of living happily with our friends and learn the good, the right and the beautiful. Music shapes our perception, interpretation and perspective on life, develops our creativity and thinking, and increases our success in education in many ways.


As Nazım Hikmet said;

“It’s nice to think of you, it’s hopeful, it’s like listening to the most beautiful song from the most beautiful voice in the world. But hope is not enough for me. I no longer want to listen to songs, I want to sing.”

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