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With the “Rainbow Colors on My Brush, There is HOPE in My Tomorrow" classes, we aim for our children to effectively portray their dream and their own free thoughts within a fiction. At the end of the class is a picture book written by us, whose stories are told by our little artisans, published in “There is HOPE in My Tomorrow! Painting Exhibition”.

As YUVA, together with our Volunteer Heroes, we reach our children all over Anatolia with YUVA Art, and support our children's imagination with the "Rainbow Colors on My Brush, HOPE in My Tomorrow" training.

                                                                                                                                             Come and support children with rainbow colors
                                                                                                                                                                     HOPE FOR OUR TOMORROW!

The meaning of life for children is play… And one of these games is painting…

When painting, children are free; they determine the colors, forms and fictions according to their own pleasure, that is, they set the rules of the game themselves. They are the big-hearted heroes of their own world.

Painting is a means of communication and self-expression for children. He reflects his inner world on paper with the colors he uses and the lines he draws. He can transfer his subconscious desires, longings, dreams, worries and curiosities, his suppressed fears that he does not dare to face, to the outside world by painting, and learn to overcome them.

If we want to raise generations that are more self-confident, more creative and sensitive, with stronger visual expressions, we should support our children’s drawing uninhibited.

People who can express themselves not only verbally but also in multiple ways can look at events, phenomena,the world itself with different eyes, and can perceive the messages that lie beneath the visible and which are not noticed by everyone.

As Pablo Picasso said;
“It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but my whole life to paint like a child.”

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