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With the "One Story, A Thousand Lives (Creative Writing)" training, we aim to help our children express their dreams and free thoughts, and write effectively in fiction. We aim for our children to have written a children's book or a cartoon chapter at the end of their education. As YUVA, together with our Volunteer Heroes, we reach our children all over Anatolia through YUVA Academy and support the Speakers of Tomorrow through the "One Story, A Thousand Lives (Creative Writing)" training.


Support a child by giving them access to creative writing, so that they have a voice in life.


A story; It is an extraordinary fantasy world where a child tells about real, sometimes mystical, and sometimes epic events. When children immerse themselves in the magical world of stories, they actually establish a connection between their inner world and the outer world. He can identify himself with the characters in the story, learn to look at events from different perspectives, knowing that there are others who have similar problems helps him get away from the feeling of loneliness, improves his ability to interpret, and makes him aware of his feelings.


So, we always ask our children to read stories, why shouldn't they write stories?


As Ernest Jünger said;

"Reading fills a person; Talking prepares it, writing matures it."


Our children do not necessarily have to dream of becoming writers. No matter what profession they choose in the future, if they want to be the best at their job, they must first be able to think and then write effectively. Because those who can express themselves correctly and write their thoughts correctly and effectively can have a say in life.


With writing, a magical journey begins to the inner world of the child. Trying to explain a lot with few words, trying to choose the most suitable one among many words with the same meaning, character-space-time-event-fiction design, the mind has difficulties in many stages and thus develops.


As Harley Davidson said;

"When You Write the Story of Your Life, Don't Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen"

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