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Please do not forget to write the "Address" information in the donation description.

With your donation, we present a full stationery bag to our children in need.
As YUVA, we are giving you cloth bags with seed pockets as a gift.

The contents of the “Hope Bag” that we will present to our children: School bag, Pencil case, Storybook, Lined notebook, Squared notebook, Picture book, Stationery set (Pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, etc.), Watercolor, Dry paint, Pastel/Candle /Gouache paint, Play Dough (Product features and numbers vary depending on the classes our children are studying.)

We believe that instead of notebooks, books, and pencils, each of our children carry in their bag when they go to school, instead of carrying adventure, imagination, curiosity and hope.

Believing that all children should have equal education rights, as YUVA, we aim to meet the stationery needs of our children in need.
HOPE BagWe designed the.

With the seed pocket inside, we both protect nature and support our children to grow their hopes by making their dreams come true.

If you wish, you can give a new breath to nature by burying our seed bags, which are 100% mixed with nature, instead of throwing them away after completing their useful life, or by cutting the seed pocket without waiting and burying them in the soil.

Thanks to this product, which has recyclability, zero waste and sustainable ecological balance, we add life to nature and breathe for our children, who are our future.

With us, you can gift a sapling to the future and a "Hope Bag" to our children.


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