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Kitap ile gülümseyen kız



Thanks to your contributions, YUVA supports our schools with limited opportunities to raise educational conditions to a higher standard for our children, who are our future. With every donation, another school improves its facilities to provide an even greater hope for the children that are our future. 

Come and support us, give children the chance to have EQUAL EDUCATION.





This fund started from a phone Oguz Perincek received. A foundation called him and said they want to cover all of Elif’s educational expenses. Oguz said, “We appreciate the offer, but we can take care of Elif. Please use that money to provide for kids who are not as fortunate as ours are. This foundation insisted, but Oguz said please, we really do not need this fund our daughter, but please fund this for kids who need them and fund it in a way under Umuts name so my son’s name will live forever with those happy kids’ eyes.


In the process that started with these dialogues, kindergarten classes, libraries, computer laboratories, and classrooms were built in public schools nationwide thanks to funding through YUVA.


Thus, Umut lives on in every child who is taught in those classrooms and reads in those libraries. Now hope is shown in the excitement, smile, and curiosity of hundreds of children all over our country.


The most important part of raising generations who think, ask questions, wonder, examine, interpret, and predict is the completeness and opportunities for learning provided by our schools. The goal of our schools, which aim to have no infrastructure shortcomings, technical and technological problems, is “to raise generations who ask questions; that is our future”. All our children should have the right to equal education.


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