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As YUVA, we believe that life is never one-sided and expecting only academic success from our children will be the biggest mistake we can make for them. It is obvious that our children who are interested in a sport that they are happy with will be more determined and successful. Our children, who experience different emotions and excitements such as losing and winning by competing, learn to be happy under all circumstances in life.

Discovering the sport in which the child will be happy is related to his own personal abilities.Believing that each child is unique and very valuable, YUVA invites our children with limited opportunities to measure their athletic abilities.In line with the measurement results, it is aimed that our talented children, who have limited opportunities at the age of starting sports, will evaluate their tendencies and abilities by our expert teachers, and with the approval of their families  it is aimed to direct them to sports branches where they can be successful.Our invitation is open to all children in the 8-9-10 age group with limited opportunities.

After the Sports Talent Measurement Application Form is filled in and signed by the parent correctly and completely, it should be photographed clearly in daylight and sent via e-mail to together with the photo of the student's identity card on the front and back._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ 


In measurement tests

Skinfold fat measurement (5 zones), flamingo balance, flexibility, long jump, hand eye coordination, arm strength, body length measurements, height weight measurement, hand grip strength measurement, back leg strength measurement, joint angle measurements, joint mini diameter measurement, Medicine ball throwing back, sit-ups, vertical jump measurement, 5 meters agility, 20 meters speed, endurance measurement, stroke length, sitting height are evaluated by expert instructors.

*one. Our invitation to measure the sportive ability of the stage and to direct our children to sports branches where they can be successful is limited to 10 children.

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