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We take our children on trips around Turkiye to see sights they may never have seen and learn by seeing. Many of these kids don’t have the opportunity to go anywhere other than where they live, have never seen the sea, have never seen the historical and natural beauties of our country, and struggle to dream greater than the towns they live in through lack of exposure to new experiences. Help them grow their dreams with historical and cultural trips facilitated by YUVA with your support and contribution!

Help support children discovering the world.





I was still in primary school. My teacher said, "Earth is only one of nine planets in the solar system." I did not understand anything. When I got home, I asked my mother, "What is the world?".

"Here it is, my son; our home, this is our village", he said. Because my mother was born here, grew up, married to my father in the neighboring village, and neither had ever seen any place other than our village.


I grew, grew, grew, grew... I went to the big city to study for university. I went to other countries for my job. I realized that our village was not all of the world but a tiny dot in the world.


As a child, I saw the sea near me, which I thought was like the water in the basin I bathed, stretching to the horizon as it grew. I thought natural beauty was the kids, lambs, and our yellow girl in our barn. As I grew up, I saw Fairy Chimneys, Damlataş Cave, Pamukkale Travertines, Anıtkabir, Maiden's Tower, Uzun Lake, and many more. Then I understood what great diversity natural and historical beauties can be.


I grew, grew, grew... I wrote my dreams on the balloons in the Fairy Chimneys! And my dreams grew as each one rose to the horizon.

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