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As YUVA, we are with you so that our children who are victims of natural disasters, and who experience indescribable fears with their tiny hearts, do not lose their dreams in the face of such traumatic times. We support and contribute to everything from schooling and day care to books, stationery, clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare.


We, despite how rightly we live our lives, can have those lives turned upside down in a moment. We are working so that our efforts give love and life back to our children who are victims of natural disasters, so that they can be the bright, hopeful future they deserve to be.


Support our children who are victims of natural disasters.

Be the beacon of hope that lifts them out of despair and back into life.




”Mommy, mommy!!!”



“I’m here, my son, don’t be afraid!”


The big-hearted mother, hugging her baby, crouches down at the first safe spot... A terrific noise, a bitter silence, an endless darkness, and a time raced with seconds, where each breath is incredibly precious...


The earthquake caught Umut on his way back from his favorite school. At his house, which he thought was the safest place while eating his favorite meal, pasta with yogurt. Until that second, everything is no different than an ordinary day...


As they learned about the impending earthquake from television, Umut and his mother had no opportunity to take an earthquake bag with them or to lie in the fetal position. A few seconds after they squatted at the first safe spot they found, their home collapsed, and it was pitch black. This darkness has descended not only on their eyes but also on their hearts.


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