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As the Yüreklere Umut Foundation (YUVA), we believe that donation is a voluntary act and that giving and sharing increases our quality of life. We stand behind and support donor rights, as we care about NGOs and their projects gaining the trust and respect of the public, and safe and smart donations by donors and potential donors. We acknowledge that all donors have the following rights.


  • To be informed about the mission and vision of the NGO, how the donation will be used, and its capacity and intention to use the donation efficiently for its purposes,


  • Obtaining information about the board of directors and managers and waiting for managers to fulfill their duties prudently and prudently,


  • Access to current financial information,


  • Requesting a guarantee that the donation will be used in accordance with its purpose,


  • A proper thank you


  • To demand the confidentiality of their donations in accordance with the law,


  • Demanding that all relations established with him by all employees representing the institution are at a professional level,


  • Knowing whether the donor is a volunteer, employee or just an outsider for this job,


  • Requesting the deletion of contact information from the lists if it will be shared with someone else,


  • While donating, he has the right to ask questions and receive immediate, correct and clear answers.

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